I set Robin Palmer PR up to assist individuals and companies who find themselves either in a media scrum or wanting to increase their profile

On the 4th July 2010, I woke to find my friend PC David Rathband had been shot and blinded for life. Suddenly the world’s media were beating a path to his door. He didn’t deserve to be at the centre of that media scrum, nor did he know how to handle it.

Since that day it has been my honour to step in and take care of all this for David and his family.

I can feed the news but also know when to keep information out of it.

I’ve sat on huge amounts of confidential information but also negotiated deals where appropriate too. I have watched David the victim, start his charity to give something back and I’ve managed his reluctant path into a celebrity. I hope this speaks volumes for the level of care that you can expect from me.

Like David, I just found myself here too. From dealing with The Sun Newspaper, to the One Show, The Today Programme, or Jeremy Kyle these are just some of the people that I have worked with to date.

This is where Robin Palmer PR is now, and this is what I do.

Now using this experience and my extensive contacts Robin Palmer PR is here to help others deal with the media

Please call me in confidence to discuss your story.